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From_____to_____ (our personal encounter with Jesus)

12/27/2020 Nate Manore   

From Misfits to Messengers (Shepherds)

12/20/2020 Nate Manore  Luke 2 

From Knowing to Understanding (Mary)

12/13/2020 Nate Manore  Luke 1:26-34 

From Stingy to Generous (Simon the Pharisee & the Sinful Woman)

12/6/2020 Nate Manore  Luke 7:36-50 

From Success to Significance (the Rich Young Ruler)

11/29/2020 Steve Collard  Matthew 19:16-22 

From Failure to Restoration (Peter part 3)

11/15/2020 Simon Daood  John 21:15-23 

From Fear to Faith (Peter part 2)

11/8/2020 Nate Manore  Matt 14:22-29 

From Fear to Faith (Peter part 1)

11/1/2020 Nate Manore  Luke 5:1-11 

From Lies to Truth (Pontius Pilot)

10/25/2020 Dave Relph  John 18:28-19:16 

From Enslaved to Devoted (Mary Magdalene)

10/18/2020 Nate Manore  Luke 8:1-3 

From Money to Riches (Zacchaeus)

10/11/2020 Simon Daood  Luke 19:1-10 

From Guilt to Grace (woman caught in adultery)

10/4/2020 Nate Manore  John 8 

From Despair to Hope (the Dying Thief)

9/27/2020 Nate Manore  Luke 23:39-43, Ephesians 2:8,9 

From Shame to Accepted (the woman at the well)

9/20/2020 Mike Durning  John 4 

From Death to Life (Nicodemus)

9/13/2020 Nate Manore  John 3