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"...what sort of people ought we to be,,,?"

8/26/2018 Dave Kaiser   

3 Reponses to the Unstoppable Church

10/22/2017 Nate Manore   

A Mother's Song of Praise

5/14/2017 Bob Johnston   

A New Definition for

10/29/2017 Steve Collard   

Are You Ready?

10/8/2017 Dave Relph   

Be Missional

2/13/2017 Eric Messelt   

Be Watchful Not Careless

8/27/2017 Dean Johnson   

Being Formed by God's Word

1/1/2017 Eric Messelt   

Blessing & Curse

1/8/2017 Steve Collard   

Breaking the Power of the Past

9/30/2018 Mike Durning   

Called to Boldness

7/9/2017 Dave Kaiser   

Church: Old School

9/24/2017 Nate Manore   


2/26/2017 Raju Kunjummen   

Conversation with Mr. Z

9/2/2018 Terry Robinson  Luke 19:1-10 

Crossing Cultures with the Gospel

12/3/2017 Nate Manore   


4/23/2017 Eric Messelt   

Divided by Truth

11/12/2017 Nate Manore   

Enemies Within and Without

10/1/2017 Mike Durning   

Eternal Perspectives

3/19/2017 Eric Messelt   

Everyone Doesn't Get A Father Like This

6/18/2017 Terry Robinson   

Everything is Confusing but God is in Control

11/6/2016 Nate Manore   

Faith & Fire

10/2/2016 Eric Messelt   

Faithful Living Overview/Intro

9/18/2016 Steve Collard   

Fighting for Unity

11/25/2018 Micah Manore  Matthew 18:15-17 

For All The Doubters

7/2/2017 Mike Durning   

Go Tell the Good News

10/16/2017 Jimmy Dodson   

God Intervenes

11/5/2017 Mike Durning   

God With Us - John the Baptist Edition

12/18/2016 Dave Kaiser   

God's Will and the Gospel

11/26/2017 Mike Durning   

Grace Leads to Obedience & Sacrifice

3/12/2017 Dave Kaiser   

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