Coronavirus Response
As many of you have probably guessed, we're going to be canceling our services based on the White House and CDC recommendations on public gatherings. We currently plan on resuming services on May 10, although we will remain flexible on that front. As the pastor-elders, we’re working with the A/V team, worship team and the teaching team to make Sunday morning worship as “normal” and helpful as possible. We will be streaming this Sunday, hopefully via Facebook Live, Youtube, and, but we are still working on how that will look, although we did get licensing to be able to stream the worship music and lyrics, which will be a big bonus. Because we're canceling the Lord's Supper service as well, we will plan on breaking bread during the live stream, so as you join us, it would be good if you could have bread and juice with you, and be prepared to engage in that way as well. 

All activities at the chapel are postponed indefinitely. We will communicate on a ministry-by-ministry basis about when those will be coming back. Life Groups are going to meet at the discretion of the leaders because of the variety of size and risk factors. We do realize that there are still personal needs and relationships, so if there is a person or two that you know does not have the technology to stream or may struggle with it, I'd encourage you to invite them over for home church on Sunday morning. Keep the CDC recommendation of keeping the group under 10 people, but for some of our chapel family, Sunday morning worship is the most encouraging time of the week.  So be wise, but also be a blessing to one another. 

One last thing, which isn't related to Sunday mornings, is that the food bank is prepared to help out anyone who needs it. If you're in an industry that's laying people off, or if your hours have been cut, or even if you've got family that is struggling, feel free to talk to Nate Bugay, John Loudon and set up an appointment. Also, if you've got free time and want to help out, the Food Bank needs volunteers right now.   If you have any questions about that or anything else that is Lakeside-related, we are still in the office Monday- Thursday, 10:00 AM through 3:00 PM
In Christ,

The Pastor-Elders of Lakeside Bible Chapel